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Eats and Treats at the Ball Game!!!

I love going to a baseball game. The excitement, energy and noise are so exhilarating.  Well, I guess if you have a winning team. The poor Astro’s have lost 9 straight. Thank goodness I am a Cubs fan!.  Our tickets were mostly free this time because Brent and Addi both had perfect attendance at school! I am so proud of them, we all worked hard to stay healthy and get to class on time. So we celebrated by going to the game and enjoying some treats. But, eating healthy is probably not the first thing you think about when you say “take me out to the ballgame.”

Have you ever been successful trying to eat “healthy” at a baseball game? It’s a struggle for me every time, but then again,  I only go to 1 or 2 games a year.  I try not beat myself up for having  treats at the ballpark because its not an everyday thing. Now, if I had season tickets or something, I would definitely be more diligent about what I chose to eat. I do go to little league games a lot during the spring so I plan those days because we are at the ballpark about 2 or 3 times a week. Nachos would not make for a healthy diet.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind if you are going out to a game and still want to eat on the healthier side.

  1. Do some research before you go to find out if there are any healthy eating joints close to where you are sitting. Most stadiums have restaurants with healthier selections. Scope it out.
  2. Also, read the ballpark policy on bringing in food and drinks from home. Our park does allow outside food and drink, but with restrictions. I brought in a bag of goldfish and pistachios for our snack during the game.
  3. Some healthier selections to get at the game are crackerjacks, sunflower seeds, soft pretzels (knock off the salt), snow cones and, my favorite…hot dogs. Stick to the small (regular) size hot dogs, not the extra long. Mustard, onions and relish are my fav toppings. Lose the chili and cheese.
  4. If you go for the peanuts or popcorn, remember to share with everyone because its easy to eat way over a normal portion size. Keep it to a handful.  So….be nice and share.
  5. Try to avoid high calorie, high fat selections like nacho’s, chicken tender or anything deep fried for that matter and ice cream. These are the traditional choices to say goodbye to.
  6. Beer is an okay choice. Keep it to one if your a woman, and two for a man. Try to select the “light” beers and keep it regular sized, no souvenir cups. 🙂
  7. Choose diet soda for those souvenir cups. Remember water is always best.


Today’s Eats 6-26-12 and Workout

Tuesday came and went.  Hot weather and all. Don’t know where you live but in Houston, Texas it is setting a record-breaking week. Temperatures are in the 100’s. Humidity makes it even worse. Ugh! I drank lots of water today cuz it was hot out there.

Here is a look at my meals for today.

Breakfast was an opened faced egg sandwich. I scrambled 1 whole omega 3 egg and 2 egg whites with orange and yellow peppers. Next I put the eggs on a slice of whole wheat toast and topped it with tomatoes and salsa. YUM!! My man makes me coffee or tea in the morning and today he made me chia tea. I like it with 2 splendas and added a splash of unsweetened coconut milk.  Great start to this sweltering day.

My snack this am about 10 was 3/4ths cup of All Bran cereal and 8 ounces of skim milk. Best snack I have had in a while.

Lunch comes about 1pm at work. I packed myself a mixed green salad for lunch. I had planned on getting a grilled chicken breast from the cafeteria grill but when I got there the line was super-duper long so I looked around for something different. Luckily, I found another lean meat, roasted turkey breast, from the hot line. I cut up the turkey to add to my salad and used olive oil vinaigrette. I also ate a small greek yogurt (not pictured.)

I really wasn’t too hungry for my PM snack when 3:30 rolled around and I was really busy wrapping up things before I leave work at the end of this week for my new job. BUT… I knew I would be hungry come dinner time so I ate my deli sliced turkey I brought from home on my way to pick up the kids. I didn’t get to my orange.

And now we come to dinner. Again, I am trying new recipes from “The New Abs Diet” book. My man, Todd, got home before I did tonight so he offered to start dinner for us. Kudos for Todd for always helping out!! 🙂 I book marked the recipe page so he could get started on our MAS MACHO MEATBALLS.   But he made an oopsy and kinda mixed the pasta sauce in with the meatball mixture before cooking.  My dinner plate was MAS MACHO MEATBALL MESS  topped with extra pasta sauce and a pinch of low-fat mozzarella on a whole wheat hotdog bun.  I added slices of orange, green apple and a handful of blueberries. Turned out pretty yummy!! Good job Todd!

Here is the workout I completed today. I squeezed it in between work and  the kids summer tutoring. I completed the Incline Booty Workout from FitSugar.  You can find a great pdf of this workout and other elliptical routines at  fit_ellipiticalworkout_final.

Sublimely, Lacy

Not My Typical Thursday

Today was  a very unusual day for me. Work started an hour early. That means waking up early, packing meals early and leaving before anyone else gets up. 😦 I don’t like leaving the house before anyone gets out of bed on a normal week day. To top it off  today was the kids last day of school.  I now have a super smart 1st grader and 4th grader on my hands. WATCH OUT! 🙂

Besides having to pack my lunch box (almost in the dark) I managed to get some good nutrition in there.

For breakfast I ate quinoa, blueberries and almond milk.  Thank goodness I made a big batch of quinoa the other day or I’m not sure what I would have eaten.

AM snack was hummus with a yellow and orange pepper –  super sweet. I love these! A bit pricey but I love ’em.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich on whole grain rye bread with veggies, an orange and chia tea. I have an intense relationship with chia tea.   Just you wait.  PM snack was strawberries and almonds. I ate it a little later than usual because work is keeping me super busy.

Now, this is where things get non-typical. I went to pick up the kids from Nannie and Poppy (aka my mom and dad the “after-school” play house). Nannie and Poppy asked if the kids could stay and spend the night since there was no school tomorrow and to start the summer off right.

What could I say….deny the kids time from their grandparents… um NO BRAINER!!

Previous plans for the evening out! New plans in!

New plan. 1. Trip to the gym for some cardio action. I used this treadmill routine – walking version because I have been having a big pain in my heel. I totally blame my shoes. I need new ones desperately, too many miles on them.

2. Brew Club. My man, Todd, is a home brewer with Shuttlecock Brewers.  Every Thursday he hangs out with his buds. They brew/talk/drink craft beer. I rarely ever get to go so I jumped at the chance.  AND scored some coriander seeds from one of the guys brewing!

Dinner ended up being a couple pale ale’s by the name of Revelations 6:8 and a few bites of left over orange chicken at @ 11:30 at night. Oops. I guess I went a little overboard with my free night out.  Nah 🙂

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