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Not My Typical Thursday

Today was  a very unusual day for me. Work started an hour early. That means waking up early, packing meals early and leaving before anyone else gets up. 😦 I don’t like leaving the house before anyone gets out of bed on a normal week day. To top it off  today was the kids last day of school.  I now have a super smart 1st grader and 4th grader on my hands. WATCH OUT! 🙂

Besides having to pack my lunch box (almost in the dark) I managed to get some good nutrition in there.

For breakfast I ate quinoa, blueberries and almond milk.  Thank goodness I made a big batch of quinoa the other day or I’m not sure what I would have eaten.

AM snack was hummus with a yellow and orange pepper –  super sweet. I love these! A bit pricey but I love ’em.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich on whole grain rye bread with veggies, an orange and chia tea. I have an intense relationship with chia tea.   Just you wait.  PM snack was strawberries and almonds. I ate it a little later than usual because work is keeping me super busy.

Now, this is where things get non-typical. I went to pick up the kids from Nannie and Poppy (aka my mom and dad the “after-school” play house). Nannie and Poppy asked if the kids could stay and spend the night since there was no school tomorrow and to start the summer off right.

What could I say….deny the kids time from their grandparents… um NO BRAINER!!

Previous plans for the evening out! New plans in!

New plan. 1. Trip to the gym for some cardio action. I used this treadmill routine – walking version because I have been having a big pain in my heel. I totally blame my shoes. I need new ones desperately, too many miles on them.

2. Brew Club. My man, Todd, is a home brewer with Shuttlecock Brewers.  Every Thursday he hangs out with his buds. They brew/talk/drink craft beer. I rarely ever get to go so I jumped at the chance.  AND scored some coriander seeds from one of the guys brewing!

Dinner ended up being a couple pale ale’s by the name of Revelations 6:8 and a few bites of left over orange chicken at @ 11:30 at night. Oops. I guess I went a little overboard with my free night out.  Nah 🙂

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