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Eat Healthy at your Summer BBQ

I don’t know about you , but I love love love summer time! But I know that it is harder for me to eat healthy with all the activities that go on. Here are a few tips I use to help me keep on track. I hope you will find them helpful as well.

I try to eat healthy most of the time but I do indulge myself because , hey, it’s summer!

1. Have a plan! It is easy to say “I am going to eat healthy at the BBQ today.” What does that mean? This broad statement can set you up for failure. Try to spell out specific goals you can follow through with during the event. Write your plan down and stick to it. You have to remember to do it!! It’s easy to forget once you get there.

2. Bring a dish that you know is healthy. It’s okay to be known as the person who always brings a veggie tray with hummus or cut up fruit for everyone. Trust me, I am this person. Guess what?? My friends count on it because they are trying to eat healthier too.

3.  Make sure you sit away from the food table. You will be less tempted to keep mindless snacking. This type of snacking makes your calorie intake go up and up. Stay away from the food and mingle or visit with friends who are away from the table as well.

4. Plan to eat on a plate and make only one trip to the food table. Avoid taking bites of food without having it on a plate first. It is easy to overeat when you aren’t keeping track of the portion sizes of what you are eating. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables. 1/4 of the plate grains and 1/4 meat. Use to help.

5. Add extra activity. Try to workout extra a few days before and after your summer celebration to help balance the extra calories you will be taking in. It is really easy to overeat your usual activity so adding in extra is great.

6. Limit empty calorie beverages. Try to drink only one regular soda, sugar sweetened tea or alcoholic beverage. Stick with water or unsweetened tea after you have had a high calorie drink.

Enjoy your summer!!

Sublimely Lace


My Eats on Friday

Hello! Hello!

Bittersweet day. I was sad leaving work today. I have thoroughly had over 7 wonderful years at a great job with special people. I had a fantastic start to my nutrition career and have gained tremendous experiences to last a lifetime. However, I am excited beyond measure to start my new endeavor with school food service and becoming a spokesperson for child nutrition. My co-workers and friend gave me a beautiful hand made quilt with sweet and caring messages for the next adventure in my life.

Here are my eats for the day:

Breakfast was one of my favorites. 1 whole omega 3 egg, 2 egg whites scrambled. Topped with diced avocado and salsa. I also had half a cup of blueberries. No bootcamp for me. I didn’t get in from my midnight movie until 2:30am, so no way I was gonna get up at before 5.

Since Friday was my last day at work we decided to go out for a late lunch and celebrate. We had planned to go to Thai Cottage to eat but apparently they close for people who want to eat a late lunch. Bummer. Oh well, we went next door to BJ’s Brewery and had a an exceptional lunch. We shared avocado egg rolls for appetizer. I had a mini meatballs and a mozzarella/tomato salad.

Since lunch was super late Todd and I were not too hungry come dinner time. And since the kids were at the farm with Nannie and Poppy, we were on our own and out of sorts.  Todd and I spent the rest of the night with a marathon with the last few episodes of Downton Abbey.  Our planned grilled pork chops were put on hold. I ended up basically having ice cream for dinner.Todd and I shared what was left in the container, so I had about 3/4th cup serving.

This picture makes me laugh! After I took it I noticed my Women’s Heath mag in the background. Ha!

Sublimely, Lacy

Fact or Fiction Friday

Fact or Fiction Friday:

Eating after 8 p.m. causes weight gain.

Answer: Fiction!
The Fact: It doesn’t matter what time you eat. The issues are the type and amount of food you eat and the amount of activity you do throughout the entire day. The balance of calories in verses calories out determines if you gain, lose, or maintain your weight. It doesn’t matter WHEN you eat. If you consume more food than your body needs for the day it will store the excess food (calories) as fat.

You might want to think again before having that snack during your favorite TV show in the evenings.  Avoid snacking in front of the TV at night—it might be easier to overeat when you are distracted by the television causing you to eat more than you need and tipping the scales in the wrong direction.

It’s a balancing act.  Eat lighter in the day if you know you will be having a bigger dinner than usual. Or get extra activity in a few days before and after when you know you will be eating more than your body needs. (IE…Thanksgiving/Birthdays, or any day you eat big for that matter…)

Click here to find out how many calories your body needs for the day.

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