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Today’s Eats 6-5-12

8 days until my vacation!! Yippee! The kids are already tired of my countdown and I only started 2 days ago. When I made the announcement for 8 more days this morning Brent said “Oh my gosh Mom! Why do keep saying that?!” I told him it’s like when he was counting down days before summer! I’m gearing up for a great time.

Now back to reality, no more vacation day dreaming….

Quick recap of yesterday’s meals:
Breakfast:  Peanut Butter and All Fruit jelly sandwich and raspberries
Lunch:  Leftover from Sunday night, grilled chicken kabob with vegetables, Chobani blood orange Greek yogurt and an apple
Dinner:  White bean and Roasted Chicken salad on mixed greens, mixed fruit, small scoop of dressing and small scoop of  a chicken   casserole at the pot luck dinner.

Today’s breakfast was fast. I kinda went overboard when I was picking out food bars at the grocery store Sunday. (They were on sale.) This morning I grabbed the Larabar Coconut Cream Pie to eat at work. I paired it with a Yoplait very vanilla yogurt. Decent breakfast but the Larabar is like eating an Almond Joy.  So that was nice.  Not something you want to do everyday.

Lunch was an oldie but a goodie. Herb mixed greens, 3 oz tuna, egg whites and various veggies. I lucked out and got fresh tomatoes from my co-worker’s garden today. They were super sweet, wish I had more. I used olive oil vinaigrette for the dressing. I added a strawberry-banana yogurt and a small apple for my sides.

After work was a spinning class at the Y and a couple of miles on the treadmill. I had to fit in a little running to get ready for the short race this weekend. Since I do still have some dull pain in my food I am taking it easy. This will be my third annual participation in the Texas City Run by the Bay. Kids are participating in the 1k.

Tonight’s dinner was Mushroom Turkey burgers and kale chips. YUM-E

Addi gave the kale chips a thumbs up. Brent…did not. I will keep trying with him.

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