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Berry Good Frozen Pops

My 6 year old daughter, Addison, loves to help in the kitchen. She especially likes to mix things up for smoothies or popsicles. This child will try anything! AND most importantly she is always supportive of whatever I may concoct for dinner. 🙂

We recently bought some great popsicle molds at the local TJ Max in the shape of stars. I thought this would be perfect for Addi to make her creations in since one day she is going to be a movie star. 🙂 Seriously, she was saying lines from a movie today. Mark my words!!! (this coming from a proud mom)

Addison decided our first star-pops would be made with lots of berries. You can use fresh, frozen or canned.

Nutrition Tip: Frozen fruits are just as healthy as fresh. If you choose canned, the healthiest selection would be fruit canned in their own juices, avoid any syrups.

Addi’s Berry Star Pops

~2 cups frozen berries

~8 ounces of 100% juice (we used apple)

Blend ingredients until smooth in a blender. (You might pulse for a little while for some of the frozen fruit pieces)

Pour into pop molds or an ice-cube tray if you don’t have a mold.

Place in freezer until set. When ready to eat, run cool water over the mold/or bottom of ice-cube tray to help release them. And Enjoy!

Brent getting in on the action. 🙂

As always,

Sublimely Lace


Brent and the Beanstalk

My son, Brent, had a normal 3rd grade science class where he planted a seed and grew a seedling. You can remember that class right?? He came home with his bean sproutlet in a styrofoam cup. We were at my dad’s house when he brought it home and my dad offered to take care of it. (Every summer my dad grows a container garden full of tomatoes, peppers, squash,  and other assorted veggies) I love getting the fruits of his labor. Ha!  The little bean plant fit right in.  Since my dad picks Brent’s up from school, Brent was able to tend his plant almost everyday.

The bean plant really took off and started to get super tall. Dad had to keep putting taller stakes in it to hold it up. It really started to look like a magical beanstalk. 🙂

It was really a sight to see the beanstalk. It kept getting taller and taller. It was way over our heads.  The beanstalk was 10 feet tall when Brent started to pull the beans.He enjoyed pulling the beans and seeing what he grew from that very tiny seed.

The next night we decided to cook the beans with our dinner. We took them out of the pods and boiled them.  We were unsure of what kind of beans they were because all Brent told us was it was a bean. Turns out we were growing lima beans. 🙂 One of my very favorite beans. The lima beans turned out to be great. Brent especially said they were good. Addison and my niece, Scotlyn, also raved about them. Too bad we didn’t have more to cook because they went quick.

There are so many benefits to growing your own garden, especially when you get your kids involved. It teaches so many valuable lesson.

Here are a few reasons to grow your own garden:

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables taste great. There is no food more fresh than getting from your garden.
  2. You know where your food is coming from. You won’t have to guess at how old it is or what kind of chemicals and pesticides are on it.
  3. You can save money on groceries. How would you like it if you didn’t have to buy your tomatoes or peppers or herbs again??!!
  4. You get a little exercise and fresh air. It may not be gatorade worthy but you will be moving.
  5. You can gain a sense of purpose. Creating your own food gives such a sense of pride, fulfillment and knowing that you can provide for your family. Who wouldn’t love that?
  6. Children who participate in gardening will also develop many benefits beyond learning how to take care of plants. In a study by the Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design, researchers found that gardening can have a positive influence on children’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being.

Brent and his beanstalk have inspired me to start my own herb garden at home. I can’t wait to get more involved with our own garden at home. Brent will have to teach me how to do things. 🙂

June is here already??!!

Hello Friends,

Another month is here. I still feel like it’s the beginning of May. Who’s with me?? And today was a hot one in Houston, but what’s new about that. Today was a usual day, it just started way too early after a later than usually night thanks to the superstars Nannie and Poppy.

One of the neat things about living in Houston is a great community for space, as in outerspace…NASA.   The kids got to witness first hand the new shuttle trainer that will be housed at Space Center Houston. Pretty awesome sight. Wish I could have seen it.

Well, today was my 5am bootcamp day at the “Y”. Substitute teacher today took it easy on us, guess he was still sleepy too. 🙂

Breakfast today was a disaster. I was trying to make banana-nut pancakes from I was doubling the recipe for me and my man, but guess the pancakes had other ideas. Ultimately, the pancakes turned into a quinoa scramble but wasn’t too bad, it was edible thanks to sugar-free syrup on top. Gotta try this one again.

AM snack was pomegranate Chobani.  Have to say not my favorite flavor. The little seeds were distracting and stuck in my tooth for a while.

Lunch was a yummy mixed greens salad with tuna. I added extra veggies from the hospital cafeteria today. I used an olive oil vinaigrette. The strawberries on the side were extra sweet. This made for a side and dessert. 🙂

PM snack was simple. Whole wheat bread and peanut butter.

Dinner tonight was freakin’ awesome. We had fish tacos.  I made a refreshing cabbage slaw salad with avocados to go in the taco’s. Black beans to finish it off for some creaminess. Todd grilled the fish for us and chicken breast for the kids. The kids haven’t caught on to the fish fare but I still try to serve it frequently so it becomes more familiar to them. Also, the kids enjoyed being independent, they got to create their own taco from the assortment of toppings.

For dessert, I enjoyed an episode of Downton Abbey (Thank you Netflix). Wow, I can’t get enough of this show. 😀

Here’s to the weekend,


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