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Quick recap of my Eats on Friday

Yay! This week really flew by. I am sooo happy it’s Friday. Here is a quick look at my eats for Friday.

Breakfast is a fast favorite. Scrambled eggs with spinach, avocado, salsa and a spoon of plain Greek Yogurt. I mix 2 whole Omega 3 eggs with 1/2 cup liquid egg whites. I put that aside and heat about a cup of chopped frozen spinach for a few minutes in the microwave. When the spinach is done I drain/squeeze it slightly to remove the excess water. I scramble the eggs and about half way through I add the spinach. Combine it in and scramble until done. I add 1/4-1/2 avocado, couple tablespoons of salsa, and a spoon of plain Greek yogurt. Man, this is such a flavorful and filling breakfast. 

Lunch today was a mixed greens salad with grilled chicken breast. Nothing special. Just an easy go to meal. Again, I added yogurt and fruit for my sides. Jeez, I ate yogurt everyday with my lunch this week. Sometimes I feel I have to eat it up before it expires so I get in my yogurt mode until it’s all gone. Next week I’ll drink more skim milk for some dairy variety.

I had Lacy night out on Friday night. I wanted to go shopping something awful. One of my favorites in life is to do vacation clothes shopping. For me and the kids. I think I got this from my mom. I remember her getting us new stuff before we would go to summer youth camp.  Dresses, shorts, beach towels…you name it, we got it. So, Friday I got to go after work and spend time at the “BIG” mall, not just the stores in town. While I was out I did partake in the mall eatery area. I decided on a plain roast beef from Arby’s. This is about 350 calories. One of my go to for fast food. I made a pass in the new H&M store. It was packed. The line for the dressing room was winded through the store 😦  I didn’t try anything on and I did overhear one of the employees say the clothes run small. I found a couple of things I liked and did not stand in line to try them on and bought them anyway. Well, what they say is true. Their sizes do run small, but I will only have to return 1 thing.  Overall, good shopping night and now I’m even more excited about vacation. 🙂

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