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No Brainer Elliptical Routine

Ever have those days where you just don’t want to have to think about “it.”

“It” being anything… what’s for dinner…when will I get to that load of  laundry…even having to come up with your workout routine can be a chore. I have adapted an elliptical workout from  This routine takes the guess work out of having to come up with your cardio session for the day. Also, you can make this workout meet your fitness level by raising or lowering the incline and/or adjusting the resistance level as you need.

45 minute No-Brainer Elliptical Workout

Set incline to 8

Time Resistance Level Effort (1-10)
0-5min Level 2 (warm-up) 1
5-10min Level 8 6
10-15min Level 5 4
15-20min Level 9 7
20-25min Level 5 4
25-30min Level 10 8
30-35min Level 5 4
35-40min Level 11 8-9
40-45min Level 5 (cool-down) 1

*adapted from
Sublimely, Lace


Today’s Eats 6-26-12 and Workout

Tuesday came and went.  Hot weather and all. Don’t know where you live but in Houston, Texas it is setting a record-breaking week. Temperatures are in the 100’s. Humidity makes it even worse. Ugh! I drank lots of water today cuz it was hot out there.

Here is a look at my meals for today.

Breakfast was an opened faced egg sandwich. I scrambled 1 whole omega 3 egg and 2 egg whites with orange and yellow peppers. Next I put the eggs on a slice of whole wheat toast and topped it with tomatoes and salsa. YUM!! My man makes me coffee or tea in the morning and today he made me chia tea. I like it with 2 splendas and added a splash of unsweetened coconut milk.  Great start to this sweltering day.

My snack this am about 10 was 3/4ths cup of All Bran cereal and 8 ounces of skim milk. Best snack I have had in a while.

Lunch comes about 1pm at work. I packed myself a mixed green salad for lunch. I had planned on getting a grilled chicken breast from the cafeteria grill but when I got there the line was super-duper long so I looked around for something different. Luckily, I found another lean meat, roasted turkey breast, from the hot line. I cut up the turkey to add to my salad and used olive oil vinaigrette. I also ate a small greek yogurt (not pictured.)

I really wasn’t too hungry for my PM snack when 3:30 rolled around and I was really busy wrapping up things before I leave work at the end of this week for my new job. BUT… I knew I would be hungry come dinner time so I ate my deli sliced turkey I brought from home on my way to pick up the kids. I didn’t get to my orange.

And now we come to dinner. Again, I am trying new recipes from “The New Abs Diet” book. My man, Todd, got home before I did tonight so he offered to start dinner for us. Kudos for Todd for always helping out!! 🙂 I book marked the recipe page so he could get started on our MAS MACHO MEATBALLS.   But he made an oopsy and kinda mixed the pasta sauce in with the meatball mixture before cooking.  My dinner plate was MAS MACHO MEATBALL MESS  topped with extra pasta sauce and a pinch of low-fat mozzarella on a whole wheat hotdog bun.  I added slices of orange, green apple and a handful of blueberries. Turned out pretty yummy!! Good job Todd!

Here is the workout I completed today. I squeezed it in between work and  the kids summer tutoring. I completed the Incline Booty Workout from FitSugar.  You can find a great pdf of this workout and other elliptical routines at  fit_ellipiticalworkout_final.

Sublimely, Lacy

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