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Self-Proclaimed Beer Taster

I am proclaiming myself as an official beer taster. I blame this on Todd. He is a beer connoisseur and loves to try new beers. He is a home brewer with Shuttlecock Brewers. He likes beer more than I like food. Naahh, just kidding. I like food ALOT. But every time he opens a beer I always take a sip. Hence…..I’m a beer taster. 🙂 I do like my own beers, usually opposite of Todd and with less hops. Here some of the ones I enjoyed recently. These are the ones I actually drank all the way. I tasted plenty of Todd’s bitter IPA’s.

Top Left: Kriek Lindemans – Lambic

Top Right: Albino Python, Shmaltz Brewing Co. – White Lager

Bottom Left: Homefront, St. Arnolds – IPA

Bottom Right: Aprihop, DogFish Head – IPA

I love love love lambic’s. The Albino Python was surprisingly light and refreshing. I will definitely buy this one again.  As far as the Homefront…I like most St. Arnold’s beer. This one was no different. I like it for being an IPA.  The Aprihop was not at all what I thought it was gonna be. I always want more Apricots. I didn’t realize it was an IPA, duh Lacy, it says “hop” in the name.  Oh well, I will give the rest to Todd.

Happy Tasting,

Sublimely Lace

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