About Me

HELLO Friends,

My name is Lacy. I have a passion for health, nutrition, and fitness. I am a gainfully employed registered dietitian (RD) with a graduate degree in Health and Human performance. I like to think I have the best of both world when it comes to healthful thinking. Mind you, I said thinking, not living. I work on the living healthy part everyday.  Ha! I also have 2 vivacious children Brent and Addison. And one super supportive man, Todd.

 Brent is my 9-year-old challenge. I learn more lessons from him than I ever did in college. My nutrition challenge with Brent is to get him to eat. He needs to gain weight but too busy to slow down and eat. Plus…. he’s picky 😦 ugh

Addison is my 6-year-old resident smarty. She is wise beyond her years. Unlike Brent, she eats most anything and everything. She is very opinionated and if I make a meal less than perfection, she lets me know.

I hope this little blog shows you my day-to-day ways of being healthy or mostly healthy. For a girl who loves all things food, thinks she needs a dessert everyday, enjoys an adult beverage and a craft beer from time to time, this nutritious life can get pretty hairy. Stay tuned for all the sublime and the ridiculous adventures in nutrition. 😉

Sublimely, Lace


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