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Week in Dinners 8/11-8/17

Sorry about skipping the dinners post from last week.  We had something to do every day after work. From getting nails done, play date at Chick-Fil-A, summer tumbling, bridal dress appointment, an Alice in Wonderland play featuring Addi the green mushroom, and date night with the kids on Friday.


We even went to Schlitterbahn Galveston yesterday. We packed a picnic lunch and rode all the rides. The kids had a great time. We were actually able to check off everything on our summer to-do list. Yipee!! Now time to get serious about back to school. 

I feel that being busy is a running theme since I have restarted this blog. I don’t think it will slow down any time soon. Just gotta roll with it. 🙂 This week is no different. Even though we are busy I try to have a plan of some sort to keep us all sane. It’s easy for me to get off track and overwhelmed if there is not a routine in place. Right now we our routine = busy but having a outlook on what to expect makes it easier to handle.  This is the perfect someecard for me!!! Ha!


This is the breakdown for dinner plans for this week.

Sunday: Somewhere in Houston. The kids are going to record voices on a music track I am putting together for work.

Monday: Homemade Cheese pizza on whole wheat crust + tumbling

Tuesday: Spaghetti Carbonara and Spaghetti Marinara

Wednesday: FFY + tumbling

Thursday: Mom’s bringing over Mexican Chicken for the whole fam. Sisters and their families are also coming over to celebrate CJ’s life. We are having rice crispy treats and strawberry cake too. Some of his favorites.

Friday: Winging it!

Hope you have a great and stress free week!!!


Week of Dinners July 29th-Aug. 3rd

Hey, Hey, Hey!! Anybody liking the Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines lately??!! I know I am. 🙂 I know that I am not liking the absolutely blaring line that school is approaching too fast and summer is coming to a close. Yuck!!! August Already!!! Boo 😦

But lets try to stay positive! I have a few more weekends to enjoy and maybe a quick trip to San Antonio. Well, at least Schlitterbahn.

Todd and I had a great time at Nobi helping his fellow brewers celebrate there collaboration beer with Buff Bayou being tapped-Wit Chirstmas aka Wit-X. Way to go Apogee Brewing.


And Friday we got to visit a few possible venues for our wedding. Sundance Grill, Di Amici and Tuscan Courtyard. They all were very accomodating, nice, and helpful. We have a couple more places to visit. (This wedding planning stuff is for the birds – #brainisalreadytired).


Then, Saturday we went to a swim party for a friends Bday and had a little too much fun with the underwater iphone case. HA! All this fun is why I don’t want summer to end.


Last week was great. Dinners were all good. No flops. (Yay, Me!)

This is what is planned for this week:

Monday: Grilled BBQ Chicken Legs and Thighs, corn on the cob and spinach salad

Tuesday: Broccoli and Chicken Crockpot over Rice

Wednesday: Pasta Salad

Thursday: Leftovers or FFY

Friday: Southwest Skillet

Saturday: Rendebrew Fun ( Just Todd, me and the kids are going to the movies :))

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