Week of Dinners July 15th

So we are back at it again with the swim lessons this week. And again I am trying to plan some  really simple, easy, and fast recipes for the week. I usually try to keep things simple any ways because we are always busy, if its not swimming it’s homework, reading, laundry.. you name it.

Last week the dinners went pretty well. All the recipes worked out great. I especially love using my crock pot so dinner is practically done when we get home. This week is no exception. I am making up a recipe so I will let you know how it tastes. ImageThe bruschetta grilled chicken was very tasty, I liked how the grill gave the tomatoes and basil a smokey flavor.

On Friday night I didn’t feel like cooking and it was just 3 of us so we had a “pick” night. As in… you can pick out whatever you want to eat. Also known as FFY -fend for yourself- in my childhood years. I just moved the lasagna to Saturday night and it was super yummy but I added way too many zucchini and the kids proceeded to pick some out.

Oh! I was able to get a few days of extra activity in. And super excited that I wasn’t sore after my weights class. 🙂 I’ll try again this week on increasing my purposeful exercise.

This is what I have planned for this week

Sunday: Lasagna Leftovers

Monday: Catalina Slow Cooker Chicken- my made up recipe

Tuesday: Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps made with ground turkey breast for a leaner meat.

Wednesday: Vegetarian Yellow Curry

Thursday: “Pick” Night

Friday: Beach Dinner -Grilled Salmon and Sausage- Disney’s Teen Beach Movie Premier 🙂 If anyone has kids and has EVER had it on Disney channel this summer you know what I’m talking about….!!! I love Disney made for TV movies! 🙂

Saturday: Date Night

Have a great week!!


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