Week of Dinners

This week and next week will be out of our ordinary routine.  When do we ever reeaalllly have a routine these days though.  But especially out of the ordinary these next two weeks the kids have swim lessons right  after work so my dinner plans had to be pretty simple and quick.  Here is a breakdown of the week in dinners. This week does include a couple meatless meals for Brent. I’m trying to accomodate his preference of less meat which is so hard because I am most definitely a meat eater. 🙂

Monday: Pineapple Verde Chicken with quinoa and green salad.
Tuesday: Bean Burritos and cantaloupe
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken Bruschetta with lemony orzo and asparagus
Thursday: Tuna Sandwiches
Friday: Skillet Lasagna
Saturday: Wingin’ It

I hope to start back with some actual purposeful workouts. I plan to do a little bit of cardio during the swim lessons but we will see if that holds true too because last night Brent begged me to sit and watch the whole time 🙂 PLUS, my legs still hurt after my bodypump class on Saturday. You would think that the delayed muscle soreness couldn’t hang on this long. I only missed 3 weeks of lifting weights, but I guess that will do it. Ugh! #gottagetbackontrack

Love my Scuba Addi!

Scuba Addi


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