And I’m Back!!

And I’m Back!! (Hopefully y’all read that in your best Jimmy Fallon Z-105 Joey Mack voice.) Ha!  So, it has been an extremely long hiatus and I apologize. Just when I felt like I was getting in a routine with my blog, I moved houses and got a new job that was very very time-consuming.  Plus, trying to eat right and exercise, raise two kids, keep my herbs alive, get engaged and blah blah blah I just couldn’t keep up with it all.

Sheesh, enough with the excuses already. I am ready to start back again and take things slow.

Just to catch you up on most recent things… I got engaged to My Man in February. YAY!  We are totally excited but not really making further plans at this time (still way too busy). We took a family trip to Disney World for Spring Break in March. The kids just spent two weeks at the family farm doing fun summer stuff with the grandparents and going to “Nannie Camp.” Todd and I just got back from a trip to San Francisco and Sonoma County. 🙂 So much food, fun, drinks and walking. 

I am still loving my job. School food and nutrition is now more important than ever and I am learning more and more about my role at the school and teaching the students how to eat right and live healthy lives. (More on this topic to come.)  Anyway, I am just getting back in the grove of things. Please stick around and keep up with the goings on of a busy mom who tries to live a healthy life and teach others to do the same in this fast paced world while trying to keep sane at the same time. Ha!


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