Rainy Day Workout

Today was my first Friday off at my new job.  I get Fridays off during the summer. I would say it was a success!! I am totally digging the new gig at DISD. One benefit is I can work out any time of day. No waking up at 5am today! Yay Me!!

It’s been raining for about a week now so most of my runs have to be inside. I did sneak one in on Thursday but had to spray myself down with bug spray. YUCK. The mosquitoes are horrible, like swarming, hold on to your child or they will be carried away horrible.

Since today was an inside kind of day I picked out a treadmill routine from Peanut Butter Fingers.

This one was a doozy. I really, really, really liked it. It used intervals to get the backside of the legs, help you catch your breath(just a little) and prepare for more. The uphill segments are good to help engage the hamstrings and bum. You will definitely feel like you did a good leg workout because the front and back are both being used. 🙂

I finished this off the some serious stretching. I love the feeling of having a good workout behind me. Exercise makes me happy. 🙂 Hope you feel the same.

Sublimely Lace


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