Weeknight Dinners for 7-1-12

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Happy July!!! Summer is in full force. And it is H-O-T! HOT!!! Hope you will be enjoying your blueberries all month long since it is National Blueberry Month.  I love my blueberries. I have been eating them up already.

This week is a first for me. I am off all week in preparation for my new job to start on Monday July 9th. I have never had a week off with no plans to be out of town or something in particular going on. Actually, I won’t even have the kids here to hang with. 😦 They will still be at the farm with Nannie and Poppy doing their traditional summer trip.


This week’s plan for dinners is use up what we have already at the house. Since last week I was not able to make a couple recipes I will use them for this week. There are also a couple places Todd and I want to visit this week before the kids get back.

Here is a loose plan for dinners. Things will most likely change like they usually do.

  • Sunday: Grilled Pork chops with grilled zucchini and squash
  • Monday: Chili Con Turkey
  • Tuesday: Bakkhus Taverna
  • Wednesday: 4th of July Celebrations
  • Thursday:  Steaks on the grill
  • Friday: ?

My workouts this week will also be a little different. I won’t have to get up so early for bootcamp. Yay:)

I will go to a couple classes for Tae-bo and Body Pump at the Y.

Happy 4th of July!!



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