My Eats on Friday

Hello! Hello!

Bittersweet day. I was sad leaving work today. I have thoroughly had over 7 wonderful years at a great job with special people. I had a fantastic start to my nutrition career and have gained tremendous experiences to last a lifetime. However, I am excited beyond measure to start my new endeavor with school food service and becoming a spokesperson for child nutrition. My co-workers and friend gave me a beautiful hand made quilt with sweet and caring messages for the next adventure in my life.

Here are my eats for the day:

Breakfast was one of my favorites. 1 whole omega 3 egg, 2 egg whites scrambled. Topped with diced avocado and salsa. I also had half a cup of blueberries. No bootcamp for me. I didn’t get in from my midnight movie until 2:30am, so no way I was gonna get up at before 5.

Since Friday was my last day at work we decided to go out for a late lunch and celebrate. We had planned to go to Thai Cottage to eat but apparently they close for people who want to eat a late lunch. Bummer. Oh well, we went next door to BJ’s Brewery and had a an exceptional lunch. We shared avocado egg rolls for appetizer. I had a mini meatballs and a mozzarella/tomato salad.

Since lunch was super late Todd and I were not too hungry come dinner time. And since the kids were at the farm with Nannie and Poppy, we were on our own and out of sorts.  Todd and I spent the rest of the night with a marathon with the last few episodes of Downton Abbey.  Our planned grilled pork chops were put on hold. I ended up basically having ice cream for dinner.Todd and I shared what was left in the container, so I had about 3/4th cup serving.

This picture makes me laugh! After I took it I noticed my Women’s Heath mag in the background. Ha!

Sublimely, Lacy


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