Today’s Eats 6-25-12

Ahhh, back to reality. No more vacation. šŸ˜¦ Can you tell how much I love taking a vacation??!! So back to the same ol’ routine. BTW I love routine. And that is not sarcastic. šŸ™‚

5am bootcamp first thing this morning. Frank, our teacher today, put on a great circuit/run/abs routine today! Or maybe it was extra good because I as glad to be back.

Important routine change news!! Yikes!! This is my last week as a Clinical Nutrition Manager. July 9th I will make a big change into School Food Service and child nutrition. Lots of mixed emotions this week but ready to make the change and get into my NEW routine.

Let’s get down to business. This week I planned some snacks between my meals. And trying some new recipes from ‘The New Abs Diet for dinners this week.

  • Breakfast was a shake. Oops..sorry. I forgot to take a pic. :/ It was a mainly coconut milk and oatmeal. Had to add some extra almond extract and splenda to make it more tasty. I’ll get this shake recipe shaped up and post it for you.
  • AM snack was fresh veggies. Sugar snap peas and baby carrots.
  • Lunch was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with veggies, yogurt and an apple.
  • PM snack was a cup of cherries and an ounce of almonds.


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  1. i recognize the mouse pad in the picture. btw its
    still here on your old desk…

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