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Today’s Eats

Breakfast – Quinoa with flax seed/wheat germ, blueberries and raspberries, dash of cinnamon, almond milk and 1 splenda packet.


am– 2 egg whites, 1 whole boiled egg and and small pear. Mrs. Dash sprinkled on top.

pm-Chobani Yogurt

Dinner was light because 1. Kids ate dinner at the grandparents house and 2. I indulged a little too much on fried pig ears, bone marrow and a pricey cocktail that tasted like spring in a glass over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Yum- Yum

Banana-Chocolate-PB shake! Always a quick go-to meal.

**Notice the New Glarus glass – my Man’s favorite brewery.


🙂 Lace


Very First One…

Testing – Testing -Check 1.2.3.

Welcome to  Sublimely Nutritious!

 This is my very first post. (Exciting!!!) I hope you like it, hate it or at the very least find something that makes you laugh. I want this to be a place that I can tell you about the stuff  that goes on in my life. I’m a mom/widow/girlfriend/sister/daughter/cook/housekeeper/nurse… blah blah blah  that  just  happens to be a dietitian. This will be my journey to show you how I make healthy choices (most of the time) for me and my family. Sublimely Nutritious will be both sublime and full of ridiculousness!

🙂 Lace

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